Dr. Daniel M. Yellin is the Director of the IBM Israel Software Lab (ILSL), responsible for IBM’s software development in Israel.

Previously he was Director, Programming Models, Runtimes and Tools Strategy, in IBM Research.

There he was responsible for setting the agenda across IBM’s worldwide Research labs in the area of programming languages, software engineering, open distributed computing models and runtimes, and pervasive computing.

  Prior to that, Dr.Yellin lead the Insurance Architecture team in IBM’s Software Group, and IBM’s Insurance Research Center (IRC), whose charter was the development of leading edge solutions for the insurance industry by conducting market and technology research.  

Dr. Yellin joined IBM in 1987 after completing a doctorate in computer science at Columbia University.

He has authored over 30 journal and conference papers as well as two computer science books.  He has held numerous positions in professional associations. In April 1999, Dr.Yellin was appointed IBM Distinguished Engineer. He serves on the Technology Council of the IBM Academy of Technology.  

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